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Occupied Palestinian Territory

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UNICEF, Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, and Maestral International,

This report is a review of the social service workforce in eight countries: Djibouti, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan and Tunisia.

Bassam Yousef Ibrahim Banat, Sameer Shqair, & Iskandar Andon - Global Journal of Health Science,

This study addressed foundling and abandoned children in the Palestinian society as a multi-dimensional phenomenon.

IMEMC News ,

Youth detained in detention centers in Gaza are suffering from abuse, torture, cruel and humiliating punishment, and other human rights violations due to noncompliance with international standards. 

Abdel Aziz Mousa Thabet, Mohammed W Elhelou and Panos Vostanis - EC Paediatrics,

This study aimed to find the prevalence rate of PTSD, anxiety and depression among orphaned children in Gaza Strip.

Noah Shpigel - Haaretz,

This article from Haaretz discusses the increasing problem of child labor in Israel.  According to the article, children are taken from their homes through an agreement with their parents and forced to beg at highway intersections for up to 12 hours a day.  

Overseas Development Institute,

This report and summary explores the current childcare policy failures across a range of case-study countries, including Viet Nam, Gaza, Mexico, India and Ethiopia, and highlights examples of progress in countries which are successfully responding to these challenges.

Save the Children Sweden & East Jerusalem YMCA Rehabilitation Program,

This report aims at giving an insight into the treatment of children in armed conflict, with a primary focus on children in detention. 

Manara Network for Child Rights, Save the Children Sweden, Defence for Children International - Palestine Section, Developmental Action Without Borders,

This report aims at describing and analysing existing protection mechanisms available for Palestinian refugee children with a focus on Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

Defence for Children International – Palestine Section,

Overviews the results from a workshop addressing child protection issues surrounding child collaboration in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.