ACCI Missions and Relief

ACCI Relief is the Aid and Development arm of the Australian Christian Churches movement. They are also signatories to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct for Disaster Relief and aim to meet the standards for Disaster Response as set out by the Sphere Humanitarian Charter.

ACCI Missions is the missionary sending and support agency of the Australian Christian Churches movement. ACCI's mission is to transform communities and nations, one life at a time, by developing holistic sustainable solutions to combat injustice, poverty and reinstate the value of life.

ACCIR’s vision is for a world where Christian principles of justice and equality are actualized. In 2011, ACCIR established the Kinnected program in response to their commitment and desire to see all the children raised in loving and caring families as God designed.

ACCI Missions and Relief is Australia-based, with staff in Myanmar and Nepal and key partner organisations in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Lesotho, Kenya, Thailand.

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Where they operate

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Headquarters Location

Suite 525, 44 Lakeview Dr
Scoresby VIC VIC 3179

Main Areas of Work

Kinnected Program


ACCI's Kinnected Program is aimed at keeping children in families. Through Kinnected, ACCI is assisting field workers and strategic partners to implement alternative care for children and assisting residential care facilities to reintegrate children back into families and community. Kinnected’s long-term goal is to strengthen families and develop gatekeeping initiatives in communities, which aim to identify and develop programming to address the root causes that lead to children being placed in residential care. 

Residential Care Service Transition Support

Country Office

Transition supports they have offered, or plan to offer, include:

  • Introducing the importance of family care and reintegration to leaders in the organization
  • Strategy and planning for the transition
  • Donor and board engagement
  • Community awareness raising and engagement
  • Partnerships
  • Government engagement and linking to systems reforms
  • Social work or case management training or support
  • Staffing adjustments or training
  • Use of buildings and other assets
  • Developing new programs, including:
    • Family and community strengthening
    • Alternative family care (including kinship care, foster care, adoption)
    • Advocacy
  • Provide funding for the transition
  • General coaching or consultation
  • Onsite training
  • Online training
  • Onsite visits/meetings
  • Phone calls/video conference
  • Provision of standards and written guidance or tools for transitioning
  • Connecting with others or building a network

ACCI Relief plans to focus their transitioning support in Myanmar, Cambodia and Nepal with potential hope for support in Kenya, Lesotho, Sri Lanka, Thailand (Myanmar border regions).

Determining if and how we support organisations to transition is determined on a case by case basis and we remain very flexible as each organisation is so unique.

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