ACCI - Kinnected

Key Areas of Focus: Deinstitutionalization, Family-Based Care, Prevention of Family Separation, Family Strengthening, Ending Orphanage Volunteering/Voluntourism, Advocacy, Donor Awareness

BackgroundACC International are committed to protecting each child’s right to be nurtured and raised in a loving family. To this end, they developed the Kinnected program, which seeks to take a proactive approach to scaling down the use of residential care and assisting children within the context of their families. 

What They Do:

Kinnected has projects operating in 10 different countries, which fall under the following categories:

A. Family Preservation and Abandonment Prevention Projects

These are services that seek to identify families at risk of imminent breakdown and provide intense support services to prevent separation and/or child abandonment.

B. Family Based Care Projects

Kinnected’s family-based alternative care services provide children who legitimately require emergency, short-term or longer-term alternative care with family based options such as kinship care and foster care.

C. Community and Family Strengthening Programs

These initiatives strengthen both the family and community’s ability to care for, protect and provide for their own children. They include services such as day care, early childhood education, disability support programs, family counselling and case management, child-centered community development, bridging education, livelihood assistance and children and women’s clubs.

D. Reintegration and Reunification Projects

Kinnected works with numerous residential care centres to assist them undergo the process of deinstitutionalisation. This includes developing reintegration, family reconnection and reunification programs to ensure children have the opportunity to be reunified with their family or transition into family-based care where possible. Kinnected also runs a street children’s reintegration program whereby children living on the streets are reunified with their families and access supportive services in their communities.


Kinnected also offers consultancy and technical support to come along side organisations running long term residential care and assist them to undergo deinstitutionalisation. Kinnected staff and consultants work with organisations to develop
strategic plans and provide the necessary technical support, training, tools and guidance to ensure organisations are able to transition their programs in a safe and effective manner.

And Kinnected’s advocacy arm seeks to raise awareness amongst donors, policy makers, not for profit organisations and the general public regarding the issues surrounding residential care and child rights. This includes conducting research, developing tools, resources and campaigns and engaging with key networks to promote good practice and change.

Based in Australia, Kinnected works within the country to

  • Conduct education and awareness about the harmful effects of long-term residential care
  • Advocate for children’s rights in faith based communities
  • Provide consultancy services for churches and organisations regarding child welfare programs

Where They Work: Australia, International

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