Social Protection Policies and Programmes

Poverty affects both the quality and length of children’s lives, reduces the ability of families to adequately provide for their children, and is a significant cause of family breakdown and child separation. Social assistance programmes aim to reduce child poverty and act as a safety net for families with minimal resources.

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K Subbarao, Angel Mattimore, and Kathrin Plangemann,

Overviews the causes and consequences of the orphan crisis in Africa and analyzes current social protection responses. Suggests good practices in social protection of orphans and vulnerable children.


A comprehensive tool kit providing a methodology, questionnaire and software for assessing the needs of young children affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Used to help design of service programs, secure funding, and monitor and evaluate programs specifically targeting the needs of young children and their families.

Family Health International,

A summary of comprehensive care needs for children affected by AIDS. Includes several case studies which highlight key components of comprehensive program design, implementation and evaluation.

David Peppiatt, John Mitchell, and Penny Holzmann ,

This article uses several case studies around the world to examine the effectiveness of direct cash transfers during emergencies. Both successes and challenges are discussed, as well as suggestions to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of cash relief.

John Williamson,

Provides a multi-level approach for the analysis and development of context-specific interventions in communities affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic. Includes discussion of microfinance services, and highlights several community-based programs.

Nancy Ardaya Salinas,

Extensive report on the institutional- and family-level impacts of SOS Social Centers in Bolivia. Includes recommendations and lessons learned.

Humanitarian Policy Group, Overseas Development Institute ,

Argues that cash-based responses should play a growing role in humanitarian response to crises

Paul Harnett,

A technical report on the use of cash and in-kind transfers as a means of alleviating poverty in developing countries. A discussion of both advantages and disadvantages of cash transfers with recommendations for a pilot program for Malawi.