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Fostering in Ireland: Who Are the Carers?

Sheila Wayman - Irish Times

This article from the Irish Times describes the assessment and training process for prospective foster carers in Ireland, a process which the author says is necessarily rigorous and intrusive in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children in foster care.

Don’t rush to Nepal to help. Read this first

Claire Bennett - The Guardian

In this opinion piece from the Guardian, Claire Bennett from Learning Service, who lives and works in Nepal, writes about volunteering in Nepal in response to the recent earthquake and the potential negative impacts involved.

Funding helps youth find permanent homes

Spencer Anderson - Nanaimo Daily News

The province of British Columbia in Canada has announced it will be allocating an additional $2 million to help find permanent homes for children and youth currently in the province's care, with particular focus on connecting First Nations children with First Nations adoptive parents.