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Manitoba First Nation's Solution To Foster Care Crisis: Remove Parents, Not Kids

Joshua Ostroff - Huffington Post Canada

Manitoba is trying an unconventional new approach to addressing the current foster care crisis in the aboriginal community, in which many children are being removed from their cultural communities. With this new solution, when a child protection worker is called to investigate a suspected case of child abuse, it is the parents who will be removed from the home, rather than the children.

WCD Minister Orders Speedier Probe

Vijay Chavan, Pune Mirror

The Cabinet minister of women and child development (WCD) is dissatisfied with the progress made on the inquiry into the alleged child marriage racket being run at the Mahila Swikar Kendra orphanage in Baramati, India and has therefore ordered a high-level inquiry into these offenses, says the article.

Why State Care Should Not Mean More Childhood Adversity

Benjamin Perks - UNICEF Connect

In this UNICEF blog post, the author, Benjamin Perks, describes the many detrimental effects of institutionalization on young children and infants. The author highlights the 2012 Call to Action to eradicate placement of children under 3 in large scale institutions in Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe and the advances made since then in reducing the numbers of children in institutions in the region.

Interview with Anna McKeon, Communication Consultant, Better Volunteering Better Care Network ( Part I)

Simone Galimberti - Sharing4Good

Better Volunteering, Better Care consultant, Anna McKeon, gave an interview for Sharing4Good about orphanage volunteering. In the interview, she discusses how she became involved in the issue of orphanage volunteering, defines orphanage tourism and its potential harms, identifies common motivations for orphanage volunteering, lists the countries where it is most problematic, and proposes some solutions or alternatives.