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Study: Federal Government Not Enforcing Child Welfare Laws

Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh, Peggy Pico, Hoa Quach - KPBS

A new study from the Children's Advocacy Institute at the University of San Diego School of Law presents finds that the United States federal government is not adequately enforcing child welfare laws and standards and that individual states are not adequately complying with these laws, says the article.

New Alliance to Promote Family-Based Care in Indonesia

Family for Every Child

Muhammadiyah, a member of Family for Every Child, has launched a new alliance with fellow Indonesian NGOs, to encourage the use of family-based alternative care for children and promote the use of institutional care only as a last result for children in Indonesia.

Global Service & Ethical Photography Contest

Eric Hartman - Blog is announcing its first Global Service & Ethical Photography Contest, to encourage appropriate use of photography and social media during cross-cultural service experiences, including orphanage volunteering.

Illegal Adoption Agency Charged with Child Trafficking

Hashem Osseiran - The Daily Star

Zeina Abdullah, the owner of a migrant domestic worker recruitment agency in Lebanon, and two Lebanese doctors, Dr. Aziz Samaha and Dr. Fouad Joseph Helou, have been accused of forming an illegal child adoption ring, according to the article.