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Nepal Earthquake: Further Crisis For Children

Friends International

This piece from Friends International highlights the work of Next Generation Nepal and others to address the increased risks faced by children, especially those most vulnerable, in the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Nepal.

Want to help the children of Nepal? Don't fuel the orphanage industry

London School of Economics Volunteer Centre

This post from the London School of Economics Volunteer Centre urges people wishing to volunteer with children in Nepal in response to the recent earthquake to think first about their impact. The post shares several resources on orphanage volunteering, including links to Next Generation Nepal,, The Better Care Network, Learning Service and UNICEF Nepal as well as a video on orphanage volunteering.

Nepal earthquake: Strangers wanted her little boys

World Vision

This post from World Vision tells the story of one mother in Nepal who was approached by strangers after the recent earthquake asking to adopt her children. The story highlights the increased dangers faced by children and families, especially those most vulnerable, after a natural disaster.