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Major study reveals true scale of abuse of children living in care

Emily Dugan - Independent

This article from the UK's Independent explores the findings of a recent study conducted by York University and the NSPCC which finds that "on average there are between 450 and 550 cases of proven abuse every year in foster care and between 250 and 300 cases of confirmed abuse a year in residential care" in Britain.

America’s Unseen Export: Children, Most of Them Black

Rebecca Buckwalter Poza - Pacific Standard

This article from the Pacific Standard sheds light on a less-discussed area of intercountry adoption - the fact that many (predominantly Black) children born in the US are adopted out of country, primarily to Canada, as well as the Netherlands and the UK.


People & Power - Albania's missing children

Al Jazeera English

This video from Al Jazeera English investigates the disappearance of 500 Albanian Roma children from a state-run residential institution in Athens, Greece over a decade ago.