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Video Essay: Orphan babies get hatch

AP Archive

In Malaysia, unwanted babies now have a place to be left. It is called the baby hatch, where parents can leave their children anonymously while they wait for adoption. This video reports on these baby hatches.

CSO'S demand amendment of Children's Act

Paul Kiwuuwa and Henry Sekanjako - News Vision

The coalitions of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in Uganda are advocating for an amendment of the Children Act 2015 to promote adoption within Uganda.

Moving legacy of Ebola worker who died saving children

Tulip Mazumdar - BBC News

This article from BBC News sheds light on the efforts of one man in Sierra Leone, who has since died of the Ebola virus, to provide care to children who have been orphaned by Ebola and to reintegrate them into their communities.

Bujumbura: la vie des enfants de la rue

Jesko Johannsen - DW

Ces enfants sont témoins de la violence. Les explosions, les tirs et la mort sont leur quotidien. C'est pourquoi, l'UNICEF a mis en place 28 centres pour les enfants dans la capitale burundaise.