Welcome to the BCN Practitioner Library, an online library containing practitioner-related resources organised around the components of the care system. The library's puzzle design demonstrates how the care system is the sum of many integrated parts and points to the importance of the systems strengthening agenda. As you explore the puzzle, you will find basic information, tools, videos, articles, and other resources related to each component and subcomponent of the care system. Please note that this practitioner library is still in development.

Evidence and Data

Parent kissing child

Data can be defined as factual information, including statistics and numbers. Evidence is the application of data to a question, hypothesis, or claim, testing whether it is or isn’t true. Evidence and Data in this section of the puzzle relate to children’s care and the care system. 


Resources relating to data, the application of data and the evidence and data agenda can be found in this section. This includes information on enumeration studies, household surveys and information on trends and outcomes for children that draw on statistical and administrative data analysis.


All Children Count, But Not All Children Are Counted