Welcome to the BCN Practitioner Hub, an online space containing practitioner-related resources organised around the components of the care system. The hub's puzzle design demonstrates how the care system is the sum of many integrated parts and points to the importance of the systems strengthening agenda. As you explore the puzzle, you will find basic information, tools, videos, articles, and other resources related to each component and subcomponent of the care system. Please note that this practitioner hub is still in development.

Financial Resources

Child Covering Parent's eyes

The public and private sector funds, and funding sources, that enable the operation of the care system and its components. This includes local sources of funds as well as overseas funding secured through international assistance, philanthropy and charities. Financial resource allocation plays a crucial role in determining the overall functioning of the care system and outcomes for children. Funding can act as a driving force determining the nature of the system, as is the case in many countries where foreign funding sustains a system of institutional care. The redirection of public and private funding is a significant component of reforms. Resources relating to funding, the allocation of funds and shifting funding streams as part of reform efforts can be found in this section.

Sinet Chan, in 'Hidden in Plain Sight: Modern Slavery Inquiry Report'