Miracle Foundation

Miracle Foundation works to support children and families to prevent separation, reunite children with their birth families, and place children in kinship care and adoption instead of residential care.


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    1506 West 6th Street
    Austin, TX 78703
    United States

    Main Areas of Work

    What They Do


    Their work centers around three focus areas:

    • Ensure Each Child Thrives. Miracle Foundation has developed and implemented the Thrive Scale, a proven care model based on the UN Rights of the Child. Currently, they are working alongside hundreds of orphanages to reunite children with their families and to provide each child with the quality of care, and dignity, that is their right.
    • Strengthen The Childcare System. Every day around the world, social workers, caregivers, and government officials make decisions that impact millions of orphaned children. They are the “boots on the ground.” Together with UNICEF, Miracle Foundation provides training and educational resources that empower workers in the childcare ecosystem to give children a better future.
    • Keep Families Together. Separation of families happens primarily because of family crisis and poverty, not for lack of love. Miracle Foundation partners with community programs that identify at-risk children and offer support to vulnerable families long before an orphanage becomes a necessity. Prevention is the key.

    Organization Resources

    Changing the Way We Care, Udayan Care, Miracle Foundation

    This case study is part of a series of case studies conducted in India, Kenya, Moldova and Uganda over the course of 2020-2022 to share information on how COVID-19 has and is affecting family-child reunification, alternative care placement, and offers recommendations for family- and community-based care of vulnerable children in the context of COVID-19 and future emergencies.

    Hope and Homes for Children, Miracle Foundation and Railway Children

    These presentations from Hope and Homes for Children, Miracle Foundation and Railway Children were delivered during the August 20, 2021, workshop of the Care Measurement Task Force of the Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform. The focus of the workshop was child and family outcome measurement.

    Miracle Foundation

    Miracle Foundation's Child-Centered Case Management Toolkit provides hands-on training materials to help you get children safely and permanently into families. For an in-depth understanding of our case management tools and Thrive Scale™ contact safelyhome@miraclefoundation.org.

    Miracle Foundation

    This guidance from Miracle Foundation outlines case management process and tools aimed at children in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) in India who have been placed with their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of these case management processes and tools is to determine feasibility of permanent placement and expedite family-based care in families in which children were placed quickly and without proper preparation during COVID-19 lockdown.

    Audria Choudhury - Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond

    This article looks at how Miracle Foundation applies principles of trauma-informed care (TIC) at every stage: from intake and care at a CCI while awaiting placement, to preparing children and families for transition, and finally to supporting post-placement.

    Rockefeller Foundation, Daniel Schwartz, and the Miracle Foundation

    This report provides an overview of a February 2020 meeting - hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation, Daniel Schwartz, and the Miracle Foundation - held in Bellagio, Italy focused on a cross sectoral ‘outside look in’ examination of the issue of children’s care.

    Miracle Foundation

    This toolkit is designed for the social service workforce in need of basic counseling skills. It includes mini lessons that teach fundamental counseling skills and activities and worksheets to provide opportunity to practice the skills.

    Miracle Foundation

    This toolkit is designed for parents/caregivers and the social service workforce guiding them. It provides practical tips that can be implemented quickly and mini lessons on topics of importance to anyone raising or supporting a child.

    Miracle Foundation

    Designed for trainers imparting life skills education to children ages 5-18.

    Miracle Foundation

    The purpose of the Home Thrive Scale™ is to assess the possibility of a child staying with or returning to their family and to identify services needed to make reintegration possible.