Child Development and COVID-19

This section includes resources for promoting nurturing care and positive development for children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources include those that offer guidance for parents and caregivers who are caring for children during lockdowns and quarantines who do not have access to schools and other services.

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Save the Children,

This factsheet was designed by Save the Children to communicate the five key messages of parenting without violence, produced as part of the child protection COVID-19 response to protect children in their homes.

Save the Children,

Save the Children has developed these key messages, on Parenting without Violence, which can be adapted to a particular context. This resource was produced as part of the child protection COVID-19 response to protect children in their homes.

Save the Children, Government of Canada, and UNICEF,

This guidance - written in English and Burmese - has been designed to ensure the care of children affected by COVID-19 in Myanmar due to either the child or caregiver requiring medical care in the home, community or health facility.

Martin James Foundation,

This practice briefing aims to support carers and practitioners to talk and listen to children and young people in alternative care about Covid-19

UNICEF, International Labour Organization, UN Women,

This document offers (interim) recommendations for employers to mitigate the negative consequences stemming from COVID-19.


This presentation from REPSSI provides some guidance on how to care for babies and young children during the COVID-19 pandemic, including how to tend to their health and development.


In this webinar, Jamie Lachman, co-founder of the Parenting for Lifelong Health initiative, provides an overview of the open-source online COVID-19 parenting resources initiative and the current response to COVID-19, including a presentation of current resources to promote child protection and different strategies that are being used to disseminate them worldwide.

Joan Lombardi - Early Childhood Workforce Initiative,

This article lists 10 issues that should be addressed in the effort to provide emergency child care for at least part of the workforce, promoting the safety and healthy development of young children while supporting those working in emergency settings.

Human Rights Watch,

In this video from Human Rights Watch, kids talk about the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on children.

Save the Children ,

Save the Children is sharing these drama-based relaxation exercises that are part of their global Healing and Education through the Arts (HEART) program for children living in stressful situations.