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The Permanent Bureau of the HCCH will host an online event in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 1993 Adoption Convention

Child Identity Protection (CHIP),

CHIP symposium


Following the release on May 3 of UNICEF’s new global estimates on child marriage, UNICEF invites you to a webinar where they will present key facts and discuss implications. Join the webinar to learn how many girls and women are affected by the practice, which parts of the world have made progress, and how gains could be offset by the polycrisis.

Transforming Children's Care Collaborative,

Drawing from the learning from participatory research in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Australia, this webinar will introduce different approaches used to engage individuals with lived experience of alternative care in research efforts and highlight some of the key findings and lessons for meaningful and effective engagement.

Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Learning Platform on Care Reform,

This webinar provides an opportunity to share experiences on the transformation of residential care. The webinar will begin with an introductory presentation by Rebecca Nnep, Senior Technical Advisor, Better Care Network, who will shed light on emerging lessons and ongoing efforts/work done to ensure effective transitioning.

Collaborative on Global Children's Issues,

During this webinar, participants will explore the Christian call to “care for the orphan”.

Collaborative on Global Children's Issues,

During this webinar, participants will explore the dynamics of migrant child labor in the United States. Will efforts to “crack down” on child labor stop exploitation? How will forthcoming changes to U.S. asylum processes impact migrant children and their livelihoods? Most importantly, what do migrant youth have to say about their experiences?

Asociación Civil Doncel,

¡Hola! Queríamos recordarte que quedan los últimos días de inscripción para este curso online internacional que se dictará el viernes 14 de abril a las 18 hs (ARG) 15 hs (MEX), a cargo de Mariana Incarnato. ¡Podés inscribirte desde cualquier país del mundo!

Transitioning Children's Care Collaborative,

This webinar hosted by the Evidence for Impact Working Group of the Transforming Children’s Care Collaborative will examine the Early Institutionalization Intervention Impact Project in Brazil.

Georgetown University Collaborative on Global Children's Issues, Catholic Relief Services, Changing the Way We Care, Maestral,

During this webinar, participants will explore the theological dimensions of child-family separation. Is there a theology of the child within the Christian faith? How has the care and protection of children been understood within Catholic social teaching? How have these interpretations interacted with growing evidence about the effects of child-family separation on developmental outcomes across the life course and with the field of child rights?