Organizations Working on Children's Care

This page offers a Directory of Organizations working on children’s care issues around the world, at a local, national, regional, and/or global level. The Directory is provided to encourage information sharing and communication between actors working in this sector.

Bright Hope

Bright Hope is a Christian faith-based organization that partners with local churches to provide family-based care to orphaned children.

Buckner Peru

Buckner Peru is an NGO that works to protect the rights of vulnerable children, particularly through family and community strengthening initiatives that aim to prevent child abandonment.

Buds of Christ

Buds of Christ exists to empower and enable wellbeing of orphan children from the most disadvantaged communities, with a special focus on girls who have lost their parent/s and are living in disadvantaged circumstances of poverty, caste discriminated communities and HIV & AIDS.


BULA's mission is to empower children and youth in vulnerable situations by improving access to quality education, by strengthening families, and by facilitating a platform of support and dialogue among, and for, young people. 


Butterflies is a registered voluntary organization working with street and working children in Delhi since 1989.


Cafcass represents children in family court cases in England.

Cambodia ACTS

Cambodia ACTS is a non-profit network dedicated to fighting child trafficking, child exploitation and sexual abuse across Cambodia.

Cambodian Children's Trust

Cambodian Children's Trust (CCT) works to keep families together, train for the future, and empower entire communities so children can break the cycle of poverty while growing up in families.