Organizations Working on Children's Care

This page offers a Directory of Organizations working on children’s care issues around the world, at a local, national, regional, and/or global level. The Directory is provided to encourage information sharing and communication between actors working in this sector.

Alliance for Children Everywhere

Alliance for Children Everywhere is a Christian Faith-Based organization that works with local leadership to partner together and develop programs that promote the institution of family through family empowerment, education, and child welfare.

Alongsiders International

Alongsiders International "equips compassionate young Christians in poor nations to walk alongside those who walk alone: to love, welcome and encourage the most vulnerable children and orphans, in their own communities."

Alternative Care Alliance-Kenya

The Alternative Care Alliance – Kenya, brings together organisations promoting family and community based care for all children in Kenya through the implementation of the Guidelines for the Alternative Family Care of Children in Kenya and other relevant legislation and policies.

Alternative Care Initiatives Uganda

Alternative Care Initiatives is a small NGO established to respond to the growing need in Uganda to support government and civil society organisations to develop and implement Alternative Care solutions.

Angkor Hospital for Children Social Work Unit

The Social Work Unit has provided emotional counselling and support to 4,600 children, has worked with 904 “at risk” children in child protection cases, and in 2014 launched a Leaving Against Medical Advice (LAMA) intervention program.

Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation  focuses on strengthening families, building stronger communities and ensuring children’s access to opportunity.

Asha Nepal

Asha Nepal is a small organisation in Kathmandu that is devoted to preventing trafficking and abuse of girls and women in Nepal, caring for those affected by these issues and facilitating their safe reintegration into their communities.

AVSI Foundation

AVSI Foundation, an NGO created in 1972, carries out cooperation projects for development, with particular emphasis on education. In its work, its attention is focused on the defense and promotion of the dignity of the person, the cornerstone of every project. 

Badael Alternatives

Alternatives-Badael was founded in 2013 and advocates for the right to family origins so that the child is not separated from the biological family unless it is the last resort.