Organizations Working on Children's Care

This page offers a Directory of Organizations working on children’s care issues around the world, at a local, national, regional, and/or global level. The Directory is provided to encourage information sharing and communication between actors working in this sector.


Barnado’s  is a UK based charity that works with children, young people an their families to support children who have been abused and to provide fostering and adoption services.


The Barnrättsbyrån Children's Rights Agency provides support, advice, and practical assistance to children regarding their rights. 

BCN Netherlands Chapter

BCN Netherlands (BCNN) was formed by international nongovernmental organizations and donors in the Netherlands with the aim of raising awareness about appropriate forms of alternative care among the Dutch groups and organizations.

Be Strong Families

Since 2012, Be Strong Families has partnered with organizations, systems and communities to help families grow stronger from the inside out. 

Beautiful Gate South Africa (BGSA)

BGSA is an interdenominational Christian organization providing care and support to vulnerable children and families. BGSA empowers and strengthens families and mobilizes its community to do the same. They aim to restore the capacity of communities and families to care for their children or, where this is not possible, to find alternative families.

Benevolent Society

Benevolent's programming includes family strengthening and parenting support as well as support to carers of people with disabilities. 

Benevolent Society

The Benevolent Society is an Australian charity that seeks to improve the wellbeing of children, young people, families and older Australians, especially in disadvantaged communities, and provides family strengthening and foster care support.

Bethany Christian Services

Bethany Christian Services is a Christian faith-based organization that works to bring and keep families together through services in many countries.