Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is an Australian NGO that works with partner organisations in Nepal, Uganda and India, on the ground with local knowledge and expertise on child protection and prevention of family separation.

Where they operate

Headquarters Location


Main Areas of Work

Protect & provide for children

Nepal and Uganda

They aim to give each child the opportunity to be their best. They fund and manage the operation of Shakti Ghar, a transit home for children rescued from exploitative orphanages in Nepal. They fund the Forget Me Not Child Headed Households project in Uganda. They show children that continuing education is a priority through their Forget Me Not Futures program.

Keep families together

India and Uganda

Forget Me Not Families projects build capacity in families to give every opportunity of staying together and help them become self-reliant. Their Nanna Project in Uganda provides education which helps ease the burden on grandmothers raising their orphan grandchildren. They help vulnerable children in the Kalyanpuri Slum in New Delhi through Project HELP: Health, Education, Livelihood, Possibilities.

Bring children home


They work to find and reconnect children with their families because they believe a home away from the family is a last resort. The process is well structured and there is no pressure for a child to go home before they are ready.

Organization Resources

Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform

This webinar presents the findings from the stage one analysis of the legal, policy and procedural frameworks of orphanage trafficking in Cambodia, Uganda, and Nepal. It also featured presentations on the situation of orphanage trafficking from in-country investigators and experts.

Kate van Doore, Rebecca Nhep

This study assesses and maps the legal, policy and procedural frameworks in both domestic and international law across Nepal, Uganda and Cambodia, where orphanage trafficking continues to undermine domestic efforts to stem the overuse of institutionalisation of children.