Key Areas of Work: Family Reunification, Transforming Models of Care, Prevention of Family Separation, Supporting Transitions of Residential Care Centers

Background: 1MillionHome is a campaign of Chosen & Dearly Loved, a 501(c)3 organization. 1MillionHome is committed to keeping children in families and working to transform systems of care in a way that prevents separation.

What They Do: 1MillionHome's mission is to transform orphanages into family reunification centers, transform over 5,000 orphanages, and bring 1 million children back home, where they have the best chance to thrive. 1MillionHome seeks to:

  • Advocate: by collaboratively supporting the efforts of returning children to family and publicly engaging in awareness for the cause of family reunification.
  • Recruit and Equip: through workshops, training and a digital learning platform, 1MillionHome equips orphanage leaders around the world to transform their model of care.
  • Build Capacity: by investing in Regional Leaders currently succeeding in reunification, localized practices, and sector influence.

Where They Work: 1MillionHome is based in the USA, with partners in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania, El Salvador, Zambia, and Brazil.

Contact Information:

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