Maestral International

Key Areas of Focus: Children experiencing, or at risk of, abandonment, abuse, neglect and exploitation

What They Do

Maestral International’s target population is children experiencing, or at risk of, abandonment, abuse, neglect and exploitation. Maestral works to facilitate cross-cutting, comprehensive approaches to child welfare that are locally-owned, adequately resourced, sustainable and well-monitored and accountable.

Maestral International aims to respond to the pressing need to turn this situation around, reducing risk and enabling vulnerable children to grow up to become full members of their communities. Maestral’s services include:

  • Public policy assessments
  • Mapping and assessment of child welfare and protection systems
  • Situation diagnostics and assessments
  • Strategic planning with key agencies and counterparts
  • System management and administration reviews
  • Program and project design, development and implementation
  • Direct technical assistance and training
  • Conference and workshop design and implementation
  • Research, monitoring and evaluation
  • Development of child-sensitive social protection policies and strategies

Where They Work: Global Level

Contact Information: