Demographic Data

  • Total Population: 2.403 million
  • Population under 15: 37%
  • Life Expectancy at Birth: 64.8 years
  • Human Development Index: 126 out of 188
  • World Bank Status: Upper Middle Income
  • HIV/AIDS Prevalence (age 15-49): 16%
  • Mean Household Composition: 4.2 members
  • Female-Headed Households: 44%
  • Early Marriage (% of children married by 18 years):  7%

Sources: World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP HDR 2015, DHS 2013

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Save the Children UK South Africa Programme1 Jan 2006

Reviews legal and policy frameworks for the protection of OVC rights in 10 Southern African countries. Includes key concerns and recommendations. Appendix includes country-specific details of National Policies on Orphans and Vulnerable Children and National Plans of Action.

Geoff Foster1 Jan 2006

A study that looks at the response of faith-based organizations in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, and Uganda. The report contains statistical information, and details positive care practices to build on, and negative examples to avoid.

Geoff Foster1 Jan 2004

Discusses the interplay between informal and formal safety net mechanisms in supporting orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. Includes recommendations for strengthening traditional family and community safety nets weakened by the epidemic.

Anne Case, Christina Paxson, and Joseph Ableidinger31 Dec 2003

Research on the incidence, living arrangements, and causes of lower school enrollment of orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa.