BCN Newsletter: June-July 2021

Better Care Network

This issue of the BCN newsletter introduced the new Country Care Snapshots on the country pages of the BCN website and highlights the latest research, news, videos, events, and other resources related to children's care around the globe. 

The Country Care Snapshots feature an interactive, icon-based data dashboard providing a high-level overview of the status of children’s care and care reform efforts country by country. These snapshots showcase progress on care reforms and highlight national-level information around a range of domains, including: demographic data, children’s living arrangements, children living without biological parents, children at risk of separation, formal alternative care settings, care reform indicators, key actors, key sources of information, drivers of child institutionalisation, and other relevant reforms. 

Snapshots are now available for the following countries, which you can access at the links below:

June-July 2021 Newsletter Issue Thumbnail