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Melinda A. Meyer DeMott, Marianne Jakobsen, Tore Wentzel-Larsen, Trond Heir - Scandinavian Journal of Psychology6 Nov 2017

This is the first controlled study of an expressive arts group intervention with unaccompanied minor asylum seeking children. The aim of the study was to examine whether such an intervention may alleviate symptoms of trauma and enhance life satisfaction and hope.

Pieter Wijnen - Norway Today2 Aug 2017

Following the violent incident of a 15-year-old girl escaped from a residential care home in Norway, Minister of Children and Equality looks to pilot child welfare institution with available psychiatry services. 

Marianne Jakobsen, Melinda Ashley Meyer DeMott, Tore Wentzel-Larsen, Trond Heir - BMJ Open16 May 2017

This study examined the mental health of unaccompanied refugee minors during the asylum-seeking process, with a focus on specific stages in the asylum process, such as age assessment, placement in a supportive or non-supportive facility and final decision on the asylum applications.

Stine Solvoll Navarsete, University of Oslo15 May 2016

This paper discusses how Norway is in a position where it needs to balance its interests in immigration control with its obligations under international human rights law to protect the rights and liberties of asylum-seeking children. This document emphasizes the importance of protecting vulnerable children.  In general this paper analyzes the ways that Norway acknowledges and protects the vulnerability of asylum seeking children. It also discusses the jurisprudence in place in relationship to vulnerable asylum-seeking children.   

Tim Whewell -BBC News14 Apr 2016

The recent removal of five children from their parents’ home in Norway has called into question child protective services in the country. 

Oscar E. Firbank - Journal of Comparative Social Work1 Feb 2016

This study seeks to understand collaboration dynamics in social services for determining what strategies work best in facilitating collaborative endeavors in specific policy and institutional environments.

Hege Kornør, Hanna Bergman, Nicola Maayan, Karla Soares-Weiser, and Arild Bjørndal - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice17 Jun 2015

To facilitate well-informed decisions, the researchers collected and disseminated evidence from systematic reviews (SR) to local child welfare stakeholders in Norway through plain language summaries. This article describes that process.

Nina Berglund - NewsinEnglish.no15 May 2015

Norway’s child welfare agency (Barnevernet) has come under recent scrutiny for its practices regarding children of immigrant parents. According to the article, children of immigrant parents make up 40% of foster care placements.

Daja Wenke - Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat, Estonian Presidency 2014-2015, Republic of Estonia Ministry of Social Affairs6 May 2015

This report was developed as part of a mapping study aimed at analysing the situation of alternative care and family support in the Baltic Sea Region, assessing the achievements since the 2005 Ministerial Forum and identifying relevant opportunities and challenges for the future.

Council of the Baltic Sea States, Estonian Presidency 2014-2015, Sotsiaalministeerium6 May 2015

This report provides an overview of the two-day expert meeting on alternative care and family support in the Baltic Sea Region that took place in Tallinn, Estonia in May 2015.