Changing the Way We Care

Key Areas of Focus: Care Reform, Deinstitutionalization, Advocacy, Family Reintegration, Family Strengthening

Background: Changing the Way We Care is about moving children out of orphanages and back into a family environment where they can thrive. It is about parents succeeding and being able to care for their children, helping them achieve a healthy, productive life. Changing the Way We Care begins by educating and advocating for family-based care.

What They Do: Changing the Way We Care is working with partners around the world to create a global movement that will change the way we care for vulnerable children. With redirected support, Changing the Way We Care will work directly with orphanage staff, giving them training and resources to reunite children with families. Additionally, they will reunite children currently in orphanages with their families while preventing future generations from ever entering orphanage care. Changing the Way We Care will do this by transforming well-meaning orphanages into active community-based centers for care and family support. The clinical care, education, and other kinds of support will help parents properly care for their children. The funding directly targets the most vulnerable parents grappling with poverty, illness or the challenges of raising children with disabilities.

Where They Work: Global (focus on Kenya, Moldova, and Guatemala)

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