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Sharon G. Portwood, A. Suzanne Boyd & Kenesha Smith Barber - Residential Treatment for Children & Youth ,

In response to the continuing need for agencies providing residential care and treatment to children and youth to develop and/or to enhance their ability to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of their services, this article explores successful strategies for building and sustaining research capacity in these settings.

Ashley Curry - Children and Youth Services Review,

Using in-depth interviews and participant observation over a two-year period, this study explores workers’ experiences of and strategies for ending relationships with youth in an independent living program.

National Family Support Network,

The National Family Support Network has developed this training to address the challenges, and maximize the great potential, of Parent Advisory Committees.

Priscilla Alvarez - CNN,

A federal judge has ruled that the US government must release migrant children held in the country's three family detention centers by mid-July due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to this article from CNN.

Catherine A. LaBrenz, Lisa S. Panisch, Chun Liu, Rowena Fong, Cynthia Franklin - Research on Social Work Practice,

This study presents findings from a systematic review of interventions that target successful reunification.

Lydia Denworth - The Atlantic,

This article from the Atlantic explores the impacts of school shutdowns, social distancing, and lockdowns on children during the COVID-19 pandemic and how supportive caregivers can mitigate the harms of social isolation.

Elizabeth Thornton, Kathleen Creamer, Cathy Krebs - The Chronicle of Social Change,

This article from the Chronicle of Social Change discusses how, in the United States, "states and counties that have come to rely on interdisciplinary legal representation – a model that includes social workers and peer advocates working alongside attorneys to fight for parents and children – have overcome the new barriers imposed by the pandemic to help families reunify."

Paige Parsons - CBC News,

This longform investigative article from CBC News explores the case of Serenity, a four-year-old girl who died in care, through an extensive review of court documents and interviews to seek to understand Serenity's life, and "what went so terribly wrong."

Annie E. Casey Foundation,

The 31st edition of the Annie E. Casey Foundation's KIDS COUNT® Data Book describes how children across the United States were faring before the coronavirus pandemic began. As always, policymakers, researchers and advocates can continue using this information to help shape their work and build a stronger future for children, families and communities.

Sheila K. Marshall, Ashley Quinn, Grant Charles, Ally Jamieson - Children and Youth Services Review,

This investigation applied contextual action theory and action-project method to the study of foster coparenting and the integration of children into the family.