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Jennifer Ma - International Social Work,

This comparative analysis will illuminate how injustices continue to be reproduced, focusing on the child welfare system, as part of the devastating effects that colonization has on Aboriginal peoples, but also as evidence of colonization being reproduced through current discriminatory legislation and practices.

Janna C. Heyman, Linda White-Ryan, Peggy Kelly, G. Lawrence Farmer, Tara Linh Leaman, Henry J. Davis - Children and Youth Services Review,

This qualitative study utilized the experiential voices of current and former youth in foster care, caregivers, and agency staff to broaden the understanding of the needs of youth with foster care histories, as well as provide a contextual lens for exploring potential risk factors leading to homelessness.

Élodie Marion & Varda Mann-Feder - Children and Youth Services Review,

The research objective is to understand the development of collaboration in relation to the multiple issues that influence the educational attainment of youth in out-of-home care.

Tyrone C. Cheng & Celia C. Lo - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study intended to identify factors associated with receipt of mental health services by caregivers substantiated for maltreatment.


In this webinar, Barbara Fallon of the University of Toronto and Delphine Collin-Vezina of McGill University will share information from the new University of Toronto Policy Bench report, Child Welfare and Pandemics Literature Scan (Sistovaris et al., 2020), including current knowledge of child welfare and pandemics, the impact on children in the Canadian child welfare system, potential policy solutions that could mitigate the detrimental effects of pandemics, and the measures taken to control the spread of disease.

Center for the Study of Social Policy,

This brief from the Center for the Study of Social Policy in the U.S. calls for "a much more robust and permanent solution to ensure that everyone has access to paid leave who needs it, during this immediate crisis, and into the future."

Amnesty International,

This report from Amnesty International outlines the "reckless response" of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the COVID-19 crisis, which threatens public health, and calls for the release of immigration detainees.

Robin Ghertner, Emily Madden, and Gilbert Crouse - Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ,

Parental opioid use disorder (OUD) is a risk factor for the maltreatment of children and placement into foster care. This brief explores the availability of opioid agonist therapy (OAT) in U.S. counties experiencing different increases in foster care entry rates.

Mary Ann Davis - International Handbook on the Demography of Marriage and the Family,

This chapter focuses on the U.S. as the nation with the largest number of adoptions. Although adoptions represent a small portion of family growth, from a demographer’s point of view they are worth investigating.

David Dodge - New York Times,

This article from the New York Times reviews how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting surrogacy, foster care, and adoption in the United States.