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Yan Ge, Li Song, Rockwell F. Clancy, Yulin Qin - New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development,

Outlining developments with reference to relevant studies, this review characterizes the perspectives used to explore and understand the phenomenon of children being left behind in rural China by parents going to work in cities.

Yufeng Ouyang, Jiaojiao Zou, Meimei Ji, Yefu Zhang, Tong Yuan, Lina Yang, and Qian Lin - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,

This study evaluated the health service needs of left-behind children ages 3-5 years old in Hunan Province, China.

Wei Wu, Guangbo Qu, Lingling Wang, Xue Tang, Ye‐Huan Sun - Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health,

The aims of this study were to systematically evaluate and comparatively analyse the mental health status of left‐behind children (LBC) in China and to provide a scientific basis for mental intervention and healthy education for LBC.

Erin Raffety - Disability Studies Quarterly,

This open access article explores three related phenomena: first, the abandonment and institutionalization of children with disabilities in China that increased disproportionately in the 2000s; second, the important relationships between such abandonments, culture, economics, and politics in contemporary China; and third, the relationship between such abandonments, the increasing rates at which Chinese orphans with disabilities are being adopted to Western countries through Inter-country Adoption (ICA), and the global politics of ICA and disability.

Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO),

The Christian Alliance for Orphans has offered this challenge grant opportunity to spark innovation as child-serving organizations create or expand effective family care solutions for children. The organizations have reported their progress in a series of videos. 

Meifang Wang, Yuzhu Wang, Fang Wang, Xiaopei Xing - Journal of Interpersonal Violence,

The goal of this study was to simultaneously examine the independent and interactive effects of paternal and maternal corporal punishment, and child temperament on child emotion regulation over time in China.

Sian M Griffiths, Dong Dong, & Roger Yat-nork Chung - The Lancet,

This systematic review of children left behind by migrant parents by Gracia Fellmeth and Kelly Rose-Clarke and colleagues in The Lancet included studies from all LMICs, and considered both forced migration and labour migration.

Gracia Fellmeth, et al - The Lancet,

This study investigated the effect of parental migration on the health of left behind-children and adolescents in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Yu-Jie Wen, Xian-Bin Li, Xi-Xi Zhao, Xue-Qi Wang, Wen-Peng Hou, Qi-Jing Bo, Wei Zheng, Christine Pao, Tony Tan, Chuan-Yue Wang - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study sought to assess the combined effects of physical neglect, a major embodiment of the left-behind phenomenon, and the trauma of being left behind on subsequent behavioral problems of children in rural China.

Sophie Xuefei Wang - Review of Development Economics,

This paper examines the relationship between the migration of men from rural China and the educational attainment of their left‐behind children.