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Radhika Roy - LiveLaw,

"The Supreme Court [of India] on Tuesday directed for repatriation of children lodged in Children Protection Homes in eight states back to their families to take place as per provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act," says this article from LiveLaw.

The Times of India,

According to this article from the Times of India, the NGO Childline has reported that the number of cases of violence against children in the district of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India have gone up, which advocates attribute to the lockdown measures put in place to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

Udayan Care, University of Hildesheim – Germany, Kinderperspectief, SOS Children’s Villages,

The International Care Leavers Convention brought together Care Leavers at an international level to amplify the voices of children and young people and provide them with a platform to learn, share and exchange experiences, knowledge and challenges. This document highlights some key takeaways from the event.

Sumir Karmakar - Deccan Herald,

Ten children who were allegedly taken to Kerala, India with the promise of better care and education have been repatriated to their home states, according to this article from the Deccan Herald.

Udayan Care, University of Hildesheim – Germany, Kinderperspectief, SOS Children’s Villages,

The objective of this Convention is to bring Care Leavers together and provide them with a platform to emerge to learn, share and exchange experiences, knowledge and challenges on their situation such that it accentuate their voices and attracts the attention of decision makers to act upon their demands through betterment of the policy and practice related to them.

World Vision,

This consultation explores children and young people’s views and experiences related to COVID-19 and its secondary impacts.

Marinus van IJzendoorn,

This presentation - delivered by Marinus van IJzendoorn at a 18 November 2020 meeting of the Evidence for Impact Working Group, a working group of the recently launched Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform - presents evidence of the harmful impacts of institutionalization on children, demonstrates some of the benefits of deinstitutionalization for getting children back on track, and raises questions about gap-year volunteers working in orphanages.

University of Hildesheim, Germany,

This panel discussion is a pre-event ahead of the International Care Leavers’ Convention 2020. The aim of the webinar is to provide an insight into global research on leaving care processes as well as into research activities of care leavers.

World Vision,

Key findings from this report demonstrate that due to the negative impact of the outbreak, the vulnerability of the households further increased and already existing dangerous coping strategies such as child labor, child marriage and decrease of food consumption have been worsened by financial insecurity for families and losses of household income.

SOS Children’s Villages,

This discussion session for careleavers comes ahead of the International Care Leavers Convention on 23-25 November 2020.