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Jennifer Rasell - Care of the State,

This chapter from Care of the State: Relationships, Kinship and the State in Children’s Homes in Late Socialist Hungary looks at child protection in Hungary from the 1950s to the 1980s, arguing that the organisational structures of state welfare bolstered parent-child ties yet restricted sibling relations.

Jennifer Rasell - Care of the State,

This introductory chapter presents the conceptual framework for the book 'Care of the State: Relationships, Kinship and the State in Children’s Homes in Late Socialist Hungary.'

Jennifer Rasell,

Care of the State blends archival, oral history, interview and ethnographic data to study the changing relationships and kinship ties of children who lived in state residential care in socialist Hungary.

Matejek, Józefa - Praca Socjalna,

This article presents the content concerning foster care as the tasks of the district government: the types of foster families, legal and organizational aspects of this form of care and the essence of the organization of foster care at county level are discussed.

Maria Varenikova - The New York Times,

"In one of the more bizarre consequences of coronavirus travel restrictions, biological parents, babies and surrogate mothers have become scattered and sometimes stranded in multiple countries for months this year," says this article from the New York Times that describes the situation of surrogates and babies waiting to be retrieved in Ukraine.

CONCORDIA Social Projects,

CONCORDIA Social Projects is seeking an external evaluator to conduct the final evaluation of the "YES - Youth Empowerment for Sustainable development" project. 

The Guardian's Audio Long Reads,

This podcast shares the story of Vişinel Balan, a young man who was placed in a state infant centre in Bacău, Romania in 1987, when he was two months old.

Franziska Meinck, Aja L. Murray, Michael P. Dunne, Peter Schmidt - Child Abuse & Neglect,

Researchers are increasingly using self-report measures of physical, psychological, and sexual violence and neglect for population-based surveys. The current gold-standard measure, the 45-item ISPCAN Child Abuse Screening Tool has been used across the world. This study assesses its adequacy for measuring abuse across countries.

Andrew Roth - The Guardian,

"As many as 1,000 babies born to surrogate mothers in Russia for foreign families have been left stranded in the country by the coronavirus pandemic and closure of international borders," says this article from the Guardian.

Better Care Network and SOS Children's Villages International,

In this webinar, hosted by Better Care Network and SOS Children's Villages International, panelists - including careleavers who served as co-trainers in the Leaving Care project - discussed the training, building a supportive network for care leavers, and the support needed to ensure that the rights of young people in alternative care are respected and that they are prepared for an independent life.