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Pandelitsa Cosma, Anita Soni - Adoption & Fostering,

This article presents a case study of a young man who participated in the Mission Mentoring Programme - an innovative scheme that supports council employees to become mentors for looked after children - and found it helpful for his transition to adulthood and intended employment.

Elli‐Maria Tahkola, Riitta‐Leena Metsäpelto, Maria Ruohotie‐Lyhty, Anna‐Maija Poikkeus - Child & Family Social Work,

The present study focuses on experiences of relational tensions and management strategies in family relationships among 18 young adults with foster care backgrounds who participated in interviews.

BBC News,

"Denmark's prime minister has apologised to 22 children who were removed from their homes in Greenland in the 1950s in a failed social experiment," says this article from BBC News.

Rikard Tordön, Gunilla Sydsjö, Marie Bladh, Jennie Svanström, Carl Göran Svedin - Child & Family Social Work,

For this study, responses from 311 students in out‐of‐home care (OHC) were compared with peers living in birth parent care (BPC) and in single birth parent care (sBPC) in a regional school survey, directed to students in compulsory school eighth year and upper secondary school second year.

Deirdre Finnerty - BBC News,

"In the middle of the last century, thousands of students from African countries were studying at Irish universities. Some had children outside marriage, who were then placed in one of Ireland's notorious mother and baby homes. Today these children, now adults, are searching for their families," according to this article from BBC News.

Maria Lotty - The Irish Social Worker,

This paper explores the research from a collaborative between Tusla, the Child and Family Agency and University College Cork (UCC) that had an overarching aim to reduce fostering instability, in relation to its contribution to supporting fostering stability.


This report provides an insight into the Permanence and Care Excellence (‘PACE’) programme – a Quality Improvement programme underway from 2014-2020 which engaged with local authority partnerships in 27 of the 32 Scottish local authority areas. The programme was aimed at supporting local authority partnerships across Scotland to reduce permanence planning timescales for looked after infants, children and young people using a Quality Improvement framework.

MarieHatlelid Føleide - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study consists of interviews with 22 children’s spokespersons in Norway. Study findings question whether children in care proceedings understand the invitation to voice their wishes as confined to matters relating to the proceedings.

Ipsos MORI, The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,

This report sets out the findings from the most comprehensive study of attitudes towards bringing up children from conception to 5 years ever undertaken in the United Kingdom.

Guro Brokke Omland, Agnes Andenas, Nora Sveaass - Child & Family Social Work,

Informed by developmental perspectives that consider young people's development through participation across contexts in everyday life and by research into how parents in ‘ordinary’ families organize care, the authors of this article developed a study based on interviews with 15 unaccompanied refugee minors and their professional caregivers at residential care institutions.