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Dawn Foster - The Guardian ,

Negative headlines about children in foster care and those who care for them are only further victimizing already vulnerable children. 

Mattias Bengtsson, Yvonne Sjöblom & Peter Öberg - Child & Family Social Work,

This paper investigates young care leavers' expectations of their future after discharge from care.

Adam Forrest - The Big Issue,

New research indicates that almost half of England’s 26,340 care leavers are suffering from at least one mental health issue, and 65% of them are not getting help from the government. 

Ben Robinson & Michael Buchanan - BBC News,

A mass grave, where hundreds of former child residents of a child care institution are believed to be buried, has been uncovered in Lanarkshire, southern Scotland. 

K. McGhee - Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care,

The article is based on a qualitative study of residential child care practitioners’ views and perspectives of the blocks and enablers to the implementation of staying put and continuing care practice with three Scottish local authorities.

Martin Elliott - School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University,

This study seeks to address a number of important questions with regard to children in public care, commonly referred to in the UK as ‘looked-after’ children.


This guide from CoramBAAF describes Fostering for Adoption (FfA) as "one part of that solution and is a route to achieving early permanence (an umbrella term which covers the placement of a child through FfA or concurrent planning – see below) for a child."

Health Information and Standards Directorate ,

Ireland's Health Information and Standards Directorate has launched a public consultation on the Draft National Standards on Children's Residential Care. Once finalized, the Standards will provide a framework for the ongoing development of child-centred and effective services for children living in residential care centres. This document contains the preceding Draft Standards, eligible for feedback through 02 November 2017. 


ECPAT UK is recruiting a Policy & Campaigns Officer to help influence systemic change for children who have been trafficked. 

Harold Goodwin - Responsible Tourism Blog,

"There have been well substantiated reports of trafficked children in orphanages for several years," writes Harold Goodwin in WTM's Responsible Tourism Blog.