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Joana Albuquerque, Cecília Aguiar, Eunice Magalhães - Children and Youth Services Review,

This qualitative study, conducted in Portugal, aimed to understand professionals' perspectives on the collaborative processes between the Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) and the Child Protection Systems.

Laura Arnau-Sabatés, Robbie Gilligan - Children and Youth Services Review,

In this article, the authors explore how relationships in the workplace may be an important source of support for some care experienced young people.

Ravinder Barn, Roberta T. Di Rosa and Gabriella Argento - Children's Lives in Southern Europe,

Identifying different domains and dimensions of children’s well-being and touching upon its multifaceted nature, this study presents an alternative framework, showing how the quality of the reception path for unaccompanied minors is fundamental to having successful results throughout the entire integration process.

Elisa Brey - Children's Lives in Southern Europe,

In respect of international migration by children and adolescents, the aims of this chapter are: (1) to present the main trends of migratory dynamics before and during the economic crisis in Spain, migrant children in the educational system, and their career expectations as they become adults; and (2) to analyse local policies towards reunified children in Madrid and Barcelona.

Carlos Herruzo, Antonio Raya Trenas, María J. Pino and Javier Herruzo - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,

The objective of this study was to compare the effects of poverty and physical neglect on the development of problematic externalizing and internalizing behaviors, adaptive skills, and school problems among school children between the ages of 3 and 12.

Eunice Magalhães & Maria Manuela Calheiros - Child Indicators Research,

For this study, a sample of 365 adolescents in residential care settings in Portugal completed a set of self-reported measures, specifically, the Rights perceptions scale, the Place attachment scale and Scales of psychological well-being.

Sanfelici, Mara; Mordeglia, Silvana - Relational Social Work,

This article describes the development of an information system, built in order to monitor the data gathered in the context of a pilot project for early child protection interventions with unaccompanied minors.

Ildikó Erdei, Karolina Eszter Kovács - Central European Journal of Educational Research,

This research aims to explore the connections between the future orientation of disadvantaged young people living in residential care homes and foster families, by a comparative analysis of their study results.

Family for Every Child,

This How We Care series examines how three of Family for Every Child's Members are promoting the effective integration and reintegration of children on the move through their programming.

Save the Children,

This document includes a summary of Save the Children's work to strengthen civil society organizations in Kosovo, with a particular focus on banning corporal punishment in all settings.