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Teresa Brown, Karen Winter, Nicola Carr - Child & Family Social Work,

In a contemporary context dominated by reports of the historical institutional abuse of children and young people in residential children's homes, and where the voice of workers is largely absent, this study explores the views and experiences of 26 workers in the Republic of Ireland regarding relationship‐based practice.

Better Care Network,

This Country Care Review includes the care-related concluding observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well as other care-related concluding observations, ratification dates, and links to the Universal Periodic Review and Hague Intercountry Adoption Country Profile.

Harmke Leloux-Opmeer, Chris H. Z. Kuiper, Hanna T. Swaab, Evert M. Scholte - Children and Youth Services Review,

The study consisted of a comparative follow-up study with a pretest-posttest design which explored the association between baseline child, family, and care characteristics and the psychosocial development of 121 schoolaged Dutch children during their first year of placement in foster care (FC), family-style group care (FGC), and residential care (RC).

Rita Gradaille, Carme Montserrat, Lluís Ballester - Children and Youth Services Review,

The goal of the article is to analyze the characteristics and experiences of youths when they leave care and their first years in transition from foster care to adulthood.

Charles Nelson - Biological Psychiatry,

This talk, given by Dr Charles Nelson, focuses on two strands of work that reflect very different types of adversity: (1) the effects of early, profound psychosocial deprivation (including a review of the most recent findings from the Bucharest Early Intervention Project, a randomized controlled trial of foster care as an intervention for early institutionalization in Romania) and (2) the effects of growing up in a low resource urban center where children are exposed to a large number of both biological (e.g., malnutrition) and psychosocial (maltreatment) stressors (including a review of recent findings from a large study taking place in Dhaka, Bangladesh).

Paula McFadden, John Mallett, Anne Campbell, Brian Taylor - The British Journal of Social Work,

This paper presents results from a cross-sectional survey and reports findings from a sample of 162 Northern Irish social workers.

Yunfei Lou, Emily P. Taylor, , Simona Di Folco - Children and Youth Services Review,

This review explored the conceptualization, operationalization and measurement of resilience in children and adolescents living in residential care settings.

Jan P. Basiaga, Anna Róg, Beata Zięba‐Kołodziej - Child & Family Social Work,

This study examined the extent to which professional foster families fulfil their tasks to reintegrate families, what attitudes professional foster families assume towards the idea of reintegration, and to what extent and how professional foster families support a child separated from his or her family and parents in the process of reintegration.

Gunvor Andersson - Child & Family Social Work,

This study examined the relationships between adults, ages 25-39, who had been in care as children and their birth parents.

Moïra Mikolajczak, Maria Elena Brianda, Hervé Avalosse, Isabelle Roskam - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study aims to facilitate further identification of the consequences of parental burnout for the parents themselves, their spouses and their child(ren).