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Hannah Richardson - BBC News,

A recent watchdog report - which looks at the journey of children coming into care in the UK, creating stability, contact arrangements and eventually leaving care - has revealed "heart-breaking decisions about children in care," says this article from BBC News.

Hope and Homes for Children and Lumos,

This call to action - issued by a coalition of child rights organisations including Hope and Homes for Children, Lumos, Eurochild, and SOS Children's Villages - calls on the Ukrainian government and the European Union to "act before it is too late to protect the rights and future of some of the most forgotten and left behind children."

Beth Coulthard, John Mallett, and Brian Taylor - Societies,

This article examines the reasons that child protection has not achieved gains made within comparable professions through statistical methods.

Saul Hillman, Jill Hodges, Miriam Steele, Antonella Cirasola, Kay Asquith, Jeanne Kaniuk - Adoption & Fostering,

This study assesses the internal representations of three groups of children, as measured by the Story Stem Assessment Profile (SSAP). These were: (1) a maltreated, late-adopted (MLA); (2) a non-maltreated, early-adopted (EA) sample; and (3) a non-maltreated community sample (COMM).

Emelie Shanks and Ylva Spånberger Weitz - Adoption & Fostering,

This article explores birth parents’ views on their needs and perceptions of support delivered by two different interventions: one offering support to individuals and the other providing a parental group.

Heather Peet and Corina Teh - Adoption & Fostering,

This article compares the needs and background characteristics of children who became looked after by an English local authority between April and July in 2019 and the same three months in 2020, with the aim of identifying any impact of the Covid-19 pandemic which broke out in March 2020 and continued for some months thereafter.

Pandelitsa Cosma, Anita Soni - Adoption & Fostering,

This article presents a case study of a young man who participated in the Mission Mentoring Programme - an innovative scheme that supports council employees to become mentors for looked after children - and found it helpful for his transition to adulthood and intended employment.

Elli‐Maria Tahkola, Riitta‐Leena Metsäpelto, Maria Ruohotie‐Lyhty, Anna‐Maija Poikkeus - Child & Family Social Work,

The present study focuses on experiences of relational tensions and management strategies in family relationships among 18 young adults with foster care backgrounds who participated in interviews.

BBC News,

"Denmark's prime minister has apologised to 22 children who were removed from their homes in Greenland in the 1950s in a failed social experiment," says this article from BBC News.

Rikard Tordön, Gunilla Sydsjö, Marie Bladh, Jennie Svanström, Carl Göran Svedin - Child & Family Social Work,

For this study, responses from 311 students in out‐of‐home care (OHC) were compared with peers living in birth parent care (BPC) and in single birth parent care (sBPC) in a regional school survey, directed to students in compulsory school eighth year and upper secondary school second year.