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Sarah McClure,

In this piece from FusionTV, Nelufar Hedayat travels to Democratic Republic of Congo to investigate the relationship between international adoption and child trafficking.

Dr Ian Milligan, Mr Richard Withington, Dr Graham Connelly, Dr Chrissie Gale - European Union, CELCIS, SOS Children's Villages,

This desk review provides a brief mapping and summary of existing knowledge on alternative care and deinstitutionalisation in Africa. 

Saeed Rahman, Simran Chaudhri, Lindsay Stark and Mark Canaver -- Forced Migration Review,

According to this article from Forced Migration Review, when the majority of aid comes from external sources, it can cause those who receive the aid to feel powerless. 

Julie A. Tippens - Qualitative Health Research,

This article examines how urban Congolese refugees in Kenya promote psychosocial well-being in the context of structural vulnerability. 


This article discusses the major population displacement that unfolded in Africa’s Lake Chad Basin.

Dr. Philip Cook, Michele Cook, Natasha Blanchet Cohen, Armel Oguniyi & Jean Sewanou International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD),

This is a report from the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) examining the two year (2014-2016) Child Protection Social Cohesion initiative in Burundi and Chad.

Better Care Network,

This country care review includes the care-related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Larissa Kojoué - Children and Young People Living with HIV/AIDS, Part of the series Cross-Cultural Research in Health, Illness and Well-Being ,

Based on an in-depth analysis of Cameroonian policies for care and support to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), this chapter will show that despite the inclusion of this issue as a strategic priority in fighting against AIDS, Cameroonian authorities are non-significant managers.

Mindy E. Scott & Elizabeth Karberg - Global Social Welfare,

Given the importance of children’s care arrangements for their development, this essay summarizes efforts to measure trends in children’s care arrangements in two regions of the world—Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. 

The African Child Information Hub,

Through this new "The African Child Information Hub" Facebook page, InfoHub aims to amplify advocacy efforts and awareness raising by engaging more people on social media.