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Jonah Kirabo - Nile Post News (Kampala),

"To the owners of schools, please be honest, do not gamble with the lives of children. If you have any positive cases, please declare them to their parents," Kirunda said.

UNICEF, Changing the Way We Care,

The Regional Learning Platform on care reform for Eastern and Southern Africa provides an opportunity for government, UNICEF and others involved in care reform in the region to share learning through webinars, document exchange, a HelpDesk, and pa

Adekunle Alaye,

This study examined the reasons for the pervasiveness of the practice of child abandonment, using the “Skolombo Boys and Lakasara Girls’’ in Calabar, the state capital of Cross River State, Nigeria, as the analytical context.

Fredrick Mutinda - The Standard,

7.5 million children all over the world live in charitable children’s institutions, commonly known as children’s homes or orphanages, yet 80 per cent to 90 per cent of these children have a living parent or known relatives. In Kenya, an estimated 45,000 children live in charitable children’s institutions for various reasons such as the loss of a parent or primary caregiver, poverty at home, sickness and disability, violence, abuse, and neglect.

Daily Record,

A new report from South Africa found over 20 per cent of hospitalisations were of children aged 18 and under.

Daily Record,

A new report from South Africa found over 20 per cent of hospitalisations were of children aged 18 and under.

WHO Nigeria,

In Nigeria, the 2021 integrated SIAs is being implemented with a focus to improve vaccination opportunities to areas with high population of Zero dose children (who never received any vaccination) and those who missed opportunities to be vaccinated previously.

Better Care Network,

When parents pass away, grandparents often assume the role of caregivers. Being thrust back into parenthood during a time of immense grief, and with a two-generation gap to bridge, introduces a range of challenges grandparents must overcome. This video look at the learning of practitioners from Upendo Village in Kenya in supporting grandparents caring for grandchildren after their own children have passed away from HIV/AIDs.

SAYes Mentoring,

The purpose of this event series is to bring care experienced people and supporters from all over the world together to connect, expand and create new ideas for change. The Uganda Care Leavers Organisation (UCL) will lead this presentation.

Better Care Network, Child's i Foundation, USAID,

Overtime, and after realising the full cost of running even a small residential program, and witnessing first-hand the developmental gains made by children once placed in foster care, Child’s i Foundation made a decision to fully transition and phase out their residential care program entirely.