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Join a dedicated team leading USAID’s efforts to improve early childhood development outcomes through the implementation of the Global Child Thrive Act.


Join a dedicated team leading USAID’s efforts to promote, fund, and support the most vulnerable children who are, or are at risk of, living outside of family care by promoting, funding, and supporting nurturing, loving, protective, and permanent family care.

Better Care Network,

Better Care Network (BCN) is seeking a Community Outreach and Youth Engagement Specialist. The Community Outreach and Youth Engagement Specialist is responsible for ensuring effective information sharing, communication, and engagement of a wide range of stakeholders and partners as part of key inter-agency initiatives which BCN is facilitating, in particular the Transforming Children’s Care Global Collaborative. 

Research Program on Children and Adversity at the Boston College School of Social Work,

the Fiscal & Grant Administrator is responsible for assisting in the overseeing the fiscal and procedural requirements of RPCA grants, including the development of appropriate financial controls and procedures, related procurement needs, working with pre- and post-award sponsored administration, budgeting, and financial reporting and forecasting. 

Research Program on Children and Adversity,

The Refugee Program Manager will inform delivery of mental health and family support needs to resettled refugees in the US. The Refugee Program Manager will engage with local community resettlement agencies and other key stakeholders and partners.

Agnel Philip, Eli Hager, Suzy Khimm,

Once considered a last resort reserved for parents who abandon their children, the involuntary and permanent termination of parental rights now hangs over every mother and father accused of any form of abuse or neglect — including allegations of nonviolent behavior like drug use or truancy.

This study aimed to identify components essential to building a model of care for youth involved in sex trafficking in child welfare.

Ian Froese - CBC News,

There was a moment in Cara Courchene's life when reuniting with her children seemed out of reach.

There was a moment in Cara Courchene's life when reuniting with her children seemed out of reach. The child welfare system seems stacked against parents like her, but one Indigenous-led program has had remarkable success in trying to change that. In 98 per cent of cases, the Family Group Conference program either reunited children with families who love them, or prevented a child from entering the child welfare system in the first place.

Erin Moriarty - CBS News,

Unless the treatment of a child makes headlines (for example, when a child dies), Americans rarely think about the agencies charged with child protection. So, the system that handles more than 3.5 million cases a year gets little public scrutiny, in part because the people most affected are poor.

Lisa Deaderick - The San Diego Union-Tribune,

Matthew Fletcher, a law professor at the University of Michigan, where he teaches and writes about federal Indian law and American Indian tribal law, discusses the Indian Child Welfare Act and the U.S. Supreme Court case that could weaken this law, and Native American sovereignty.