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Caitlin Dickerson - The New York Times,

"The Trump administration has been using major hotel chains to detain children and families taken into custody at the border, creating a largely unregulated shadow system of detention and swift expulsions without the safeguards that are intended to protect the most vulnerable migrants," says this article from the New York Times.

Margaret H. Lloyd Sieger - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study sought to determine number and proportion of children of color with substance removals and whether disparities exist in likelihood of reunification compared to white children.

Lisa Gartner and Barbara Laker - The Philadelphia Inquirer,

This article from the Philadelphia Inquirer details the accounts of sexual abuse of children in several residential mental health care facilities in the United States operated by Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.

Elena Monserrath Jerves, Lucia De Haene, Peter Rober, Paul Enzlin - International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care,

The purpose of this study is to examine the association between parental migration and adolescents’ styles of close relationships with parents, friends and romantic partners.

Dara Lind and Lomi Kriel - ProPublica,

"Since March, the Trump administration has pushed thousands of migrant children back to their home countries without legal screenings or protection, citing the risk that they could be carrying COVID-19 into the United States," says this article from ProPublica.

Heather L. Rouse, Tera R. Hurt, Janet N. Melby, Maya Bartel, Bethany McCurdy, Emily McKnight, Feng Zhao, Carol Behrer & Carl F. Weems - Child & Youth Care Forum,

The purpose of the current study was to better understand the experiences of foster care youth to inform policy and practice recommendations that address the high rate of unintended pregnancies and early parenting among youth transitioning from foster care.

Angélica Meinhofer, Erica Onuoha, Yohanis Angleró-Díaz, Katherine M. Keyes - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study explored the prevalence of racial/ethnic disproportionality and disparity in parental drug use (PDU) foster care entries and described children characteristics across racial/ethnic populations.

Doncel, Hope and Homes for Children, Latin American Network of Care Leavers, UNICEF,

This webinar builds up on the results of the research More Autonomy, More Rights (2020) Coordinated by CSO Doncel, in the representation of the Latin American Network of Care Leavers and supported by UNICEF LACRO and Hope and Homes for Children.

M. Angela Nievar, Suhasini Ramisetty-Mikler, Mahasin F. Saleh, Natasha Cabrera - Children and Youth Services Review,

The Fathers Offering Children Unfailing Support (FOCUS) program serves fathers referred by Child Protective Services and the Attorney General’s Office. The goal of the authors of this paper was to investigate changes in fathers’ report of parenting involvement and fathers’ instrumental support through child support payments through two separate studies of community samples.

Lomi Kriel - ProPublica,

"Thousands of migrant children — including babies — have been expelled by the Trump administration since March," says this article from ProPublica. "Some have been held in hotels without access to lawyers or family. Advocates say many are now 'virtually impossible' to find."