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International Rescue Committee (IRC),

The Technical Advisor, Economic Empowerment provides technical support and leadership to IRC’s Economic Empowerment (EE) programs in nearly 30 U.S. cities and, in a more limited capacity, in support of IRC’s work in Europe.

International Rescue Committee (IRC),

IRC is seeking a Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) Eligibility Specialist.

International Rescue Committee (IRC),

IRC is seeking a Financial Education Specialist to provide financial education services, leading financial education trainings and workshops, conducting individual financial capability assessments, as well as providing case management, debt navigation and credit repair coaching, and other stabilization support services to help program participants achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights,

The guide recommends a series of measures aimed at States, which focus on protecting family unity, preventing separation, and ensuring reunification in the context of human mobility, including for unaccompanied or separated children and adolescents, who require international protection or who leave their homes in search of better opportunities or family reunification.

Ed Pilkington - The Guardian,

Black children have access to just 1 cent for every dollar enjoyed by their white counterparts, new research shows, and Hispanic kids fare little better.

Terry Turner - RetireGuide,

An estimated 2.7 million grandparents in the United States are taking the lead in raising their grandchildren. More than 6.1 million children under 18 live in their grandparents’ households. Focusing on your physical, mental and financial health is critical if you are your grandchild’s primary caregiver.


UNICEF's Data and Analytics section is seeking a consultant to develop a diagnostic toolkit that can be used to assess the capacity of statistical systems to collect, collate, analyse and disseminate administrative data on children living in alternative care.


UNICEF's Data and Analytics section is seeking a consultant to develop a protocol for a qualitative follow-up survey with parents/family of separated children (i.e., those living in residential care) to understand the reasons that led to children’s separation and placement in care.

The Week,

The U.S. and Canada are starting to face their history of forcing indigenous children into abusive boarding schools. Here's everything you need to know:

What was the school's goal?

Simply put, cultural genocide. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the U.S. government and religious leaders used compulsory boarding schools to force young Native Americans to give up the languages and cultures of their ancestors, which were considered self-evidently inferior to a Christian, Western-style upbringing. Boarding schools were made mandatory for Native American children in 1891. This often meant forced separation from their families and communities. And because these schools were underfunded, crowded, and often unsanitary, thousands of students died of disease. Canada also coerced at least 150,000 indigenous children into a network of residential schools that were mostly run by the Catholic Church; last June, researchers uncovered 1,148 unmarked graves on the grounds of three schools. U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, a member of the Laguna Pueblo people whose maternal grandparents were forced to board, has opened an investigation into America's boarding-school policy. "This attempt to wipe out Native identity, language, and culture," she wrote in a June Washington Post article, has "never been appropriately addressed."

Susan Montoya Bryan - Associated Press,

The American Bar Association’s policymaking body has voted in favor of a resolution supporting the U.S. Interior Department as it works to uncover the troubled legacy of federal boarding schools that sought to assimilate Indigenous youth into white society.