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Rebecca Bundhun - The National,

Activists push for India’s government to move forward with long-awaited anti-trafficking legislation.


Article from IndiaToday reports West Bengal plans to determine the number of street children living within the state.

Abhishek Saraswat & Sayeed Unisa - Journal of Health and Social Sciences,

This study investigated the psychosocial distress and coping mechanisms of institutionalized children living in New Delhi, India. 

Financial Tribune,

The child adoption rate in Iran has risen 35%.

Sanjana M Kamath, Kavana G Venkatappa, and Ergod Manjunath Sparshadeep - Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research,

The aim of this study is to assess the nutritional and cognitive status in institutionalized orphans which might help to formulate effective interventions for improving the nutritional status of vulnerable children in future.

Voice of Asia,

Voice of Asia reports that Indian police arrested heads of an adoption centre said to have trafficked at least 17 children to couples in foreign countries.

Sue-Lynn Moses -,

Elevate Children Funders Group (ECFG) recommends philanthropists avoid donating to orphanages and instead invest in programs that help to build stronger families.,

Daily Mail reports Afghan migrant teen suicides are results of stricter asylum rules. 

Udayan Care and UNICEF,

This booklet on standards of care in child care institutions is part of a Series on Alternative Care covering the latest legal and policy framework on Alternative Care in India, which has been presented in an easy-to-understand style so that they can be used as an effective reference material by all the stakeholders. - ANI,

India’s Central Government announced as of January 16, 2017, Adoption Regulation 2017 will be operational.  New regulation is said to “streamline” the adoption process.