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FirstPost staff,

Several Ukrainian teenagers, residing in Kherson following its occupation by Russian forces in March 2022, were reportedly compelled by school officials to attend a “camp” in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Zoë Kessler, Susan Levy, Mark Smith,

This article uses life history research to reveal a new understanding of institutional care. The study draws on interviews with care leavers from a Latvian orphanage who narrate life histories and identify critical life events and moments of resistance to times of adversity.

The Associated Press,

A Russian lawmaker and staunch supporter of President Vladimir Putin has denied media allegations that he adopted a missing 2-year-old girl who was removed from a Ukrainian children’s home and changed her name in Russia. Sergey Mironov, 70, the leader of political party A Just Russia, asserted on social media that the Ukrainian security services and their Western partners concocted a “fake” report to discredit true Russian patriots like himself.

Patricia Fronek, Karen S Rotabi-Casares, Marina Lypovetska,

This article focuses on The Taken Children of Ukraine during the first 6 months of the war and its implications for social workers engaged in work with children and their families.

Orsolya Szeibert,

This article published in the Hungarian Journal of Legal Studies is part of a complex overview of the connections between the child’s right to be heard and the child’s best interests and parental responsibility matters and cases. The focal point of the paper is how Hungarian codification, judiciary and academic legal literature have changed over the last decade and how they have adapted to the modern child-focused standards.

European Commission,

This report is the Commission’s first annual enlargement report on Ukraine replacing the previous annual Association Implementation Reports. To complement its opinion on the membership application, the Commission published the analytical report on the acquis alignment of Ukraine in February 2023.

United Nations Human Rights Council,

Statement by the Members of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine to the United Nations Security Council Arria-Formula Meeting, New York

M.A. Suhel, Vinay Kumar,

The article explores the notion of deinstitutionalization, emphasising its importance in post-conflict areas and emphasising the value of a personalised social work approach in promoting the welfare of children and young people impacted by the Russia-Ukraine war conflict.

Wendell Steavenson - The Economist,

Families search in vain through a maze of foster homes and holiday camps