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Emeline Delaville & Valérie Pennequin - Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal,

This study focuses on the continuity and disruptions of foster placements in France.

Stephan Sting and Maria Groinig - International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies,

The first section of this paper describes the various links between care leavers and their families based on a literature review. In the second section, the biographical relevance of the family is highlighted based on the example of a qualitative interview study about the educational pathways of 20- to 27-year-old care leavers.

Norbert Struck - International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies,

This article analyzes developments in the forms of social work with young refugees and the legal framing of such work in Germany from 1990 to the present.

Kay Biesel, Judith Masson, Nigel Parton,

This book brings together knowledge of how modern countries in Europe and the United States deal with the issue of errors and mistakes in child protection in a cross-national perspective.

Hélène Join-Lambert, Janet Boddy & Rachel Thomson - Forum: Qualitative Social Research,

In this article the authors look for a suitable method which takes account of power relations while investigating young people's perspectives on their everyday lives.

FrankVan Holen, Cindy Blijkers, Lenny Trogh, Delphine West, Johan Vanderfaeillie - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study aimed at investigating the incidence of placement breakdown in Flemish family foster care (Dutch speaking part of Belgium) for unaccompanied children (UC), and to explore the association of breakdown with foster child, foster family and case characteristics.

Helen Bouma, Hans Grietens, Mónica López López, Erik J. Knorth - Child & Family Social Work,

The authors of this study interviewed 20 parents about their experiences with the Dutch child protection system (CPS).

Laura Gypen, Delphine West, Frank Van Holen, Johan Vanderfaeillie - Children and Youth Services Review,

The aim of this study is to explore foster child characteristics and the acceptance of foster children, by birth children and to compare mothers’ perceptions to birth children’s own perceptions.

Frank Van Holen, Lenny Trogh, Elke Carlier, Laura Gypen, Johan Vanderfaeillie - Child & Family Social Work,

This article describes the results of a narrative literature review on empirical research examining the outcomes and/or experiences of unaccompanied refugee minors in family foster care.


The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 20 November 1989. In the lead-up to the Convention’s 30th birthday, a series of events will be organized in celebration.