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Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of Bulgaria; Know-how Center for Alternative Care for Children, New Bulgarian University; Cedar Foundation; UNICEF; Eurochild; SOS Children's Villages; Hope and Homes for Children; Lumos Foundation,

This three day conference - to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria 6-8 November 2019 - aims at sharing and discussing relevant data and experience, promising practices and challenges in the field of Deinstitutionalisation (DI).

Sharon Jackson, Lynn Kelly & Brian Leslie - Child & Family Social Work,

This article reports on the analysis of 11 qualitative interviews with parents who had attended child protection case conferences (CPCCs) in Scotland.

Lea-Maria Löbel - Social Networks,

This study finds that the size of the nuclear family has a significant positive relationship with refugees’ mental health, whereas family separation has a significant negative relationship.

Noel Titheradge and Ed Thomas - BBC News,

According to this article from BBC News, "children over the age of 16, often in care or formerly so, are increasingly being placed in unregulated homes in England and Wales," putting them at increased risk of exploitation and abuse.


This particular paper has been focused on the multiple discriminations suffered by women and girls (including unaccompanied minor girls) and on the problems that they face in the field of refuging and immigration, as recorded to a large extent through informal interviewing of public agencies staff that are involved in this issue.

Claire Soares, Grace Ablett, Beth Mooney, Dr Sophia King - The Truth Project, The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse,

This is the second research publication in a series of thematic reports examining what victims and survivors have shared with the Truth Project about their experiences of child sexual abuse and the institutional context in which it occurred. It details the research findings in relation to experiences of child sexual abuse that occurred in the context of children’s homes and residential care in England and Wales.

Antti Kääriälä, Pasi Haapakorva, Elina Pekkarinen, Reijo Sund - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The purpose of this study was to explore early adulthood education and employment trajectories among young adults who experienced out-of-home care during childhood and to examine how various care history factors predict these trajectories.

Susanna Hoikkala & Tarja Pösö - Child & Family Social Work,

This article departs from the view that when children are perceived as bearers of rights, this should also be reflected in the institutional documents of decision‐making. That is why the documented layer of decisions about taking a child into care is examined here.

SOS Children's Villages International,

SOS Children´s Villages International is currently coordinating the implementation of the project “Leaving Care - An Integrated Approach to Capacity Building of Professionals and Young People” co-financed by the European Commission’s DG Justice.

Dartington Service Design Lab in collaboration with Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University,

Dartington Service Design Lab in collaboration with Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University is hosting a training on 29th October 2019 in London UK.