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Muzi Stefania; Bizzi Fabiola; Pace Cecilia Serena - Department of Educatonal Science (DISFOR), University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy,

This research poster presents an overview of a study conducted in Northern Italy. The study's aims were to: (1) investgate the associatons among atachment paterns, Emotonal Regulaton (ER) strategies and internalizing or externalizing symptoms showed by adolescents in residental-care and (2) examine the predictve role of atachment and ER strategies for the rates of internalizing/externalizing symptoms.

Cvetelina Berberova-Valcheva - Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий”,

The purpose of this article is to examine the current well-being of the population of Bulgaria and to put emphasis on negative trends, including the abandonment of children due to poverty or other causes.

Deutsches Jugendinstitut e.V,

This report from the German Youth Institute (Deutsches Jugendinstitut e.V., DJI) assesses the adoption system in the Netherlands.

Mandy Duncan,

There have long been doubts within social work about the viability of reconciling participatory practice with the statutory power that comes hand-in-hand with child protection work. This book explores this issue by proposing an original theory of children’s participation within statutory child protection interventions. It prioritises children’s voices through presentation of a wide collection of children’s experiences of the UK child protection system including three unique in-depth accounts.

Lisa C.G. Di Lemma, Alisha R. Davies, Kat Ford, Karen Hughes, Lucia Homolova, Benjamin Gray, and Gillian Richardson - Public Health Wales and Bangor University,

To support innovation in addressing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), the authors have undertaken a review of evidence on common approaches to prevent ACEs and/or mitigate their negative impacts in Wales.

Elsbeth Neil - The Future of Adoption: Beyond Safety to Well-Being,

When children are adopted from the care system staying in touch with members of their birth families must be considered.This research paper draws on the English experience.

Sinclair, I., Luke, N., & Berridge, D. - Oxford Review of Education,

By age 16 the attainment of most children in or on the edge of out of home care has fallen well behind the average for their age. This paper uses the English National Pupil Database to examine how much of this falling behind occurs before the age 7, and how any subsequent decline relates to time in care as against time outside it.

Beata Wołosiuk, Marzena Ruszkowska, Sebastian Sobczuk, Piotr Zdunkiewicz - Society. Integration. Education. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference,

The aim of the article was the analysis of the problem of speech development in care and educational institutions and family-run children’s houses in Poland.

Marzena Ruszkowska & Józefa Matejek - Society. Integration. Education. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference,

In this study, the authors analyzed the literature on foster care in Poland and conducted a narrative questionnaire with an educator who simultaneously holds the responsibility for teaching youth in foster care autonomy in order to identify factors that affect educational and vocational plans that foster care charges have.

Nigel Fancourt - Education and Self Development,

Attachment theory has been adopted in several educational districts (‘local authorities’) in England, and this study reports on an evaluative mixed-methods research study of such training; it also theorises this as a broader question about how schools engage with research.