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CELCIS is recruiting a consultant to form part of the Improving Care Experiences team, who provide a focal point for the improvement of experiences and services nationally and locally through supporting whole systems change.

Alison Teyhan, Andy Boyd, Dinithi Wijedasa, John Macleod - BMJ Open,

The purpose of this study was to use record linkage of birth cohort and administrative data to study educational outcomes of children who are looked-after (in public care) and in need (social services involvement), and examine the role of early life factors.

Karen Healy - Critical Social Policy,

In this article, the authors analyse how interventions of the State may undermine, rather than activate, the caring capabilities of vulnerable families across the life course, drawing on examples from Australia, England and the USA.

Lynda Turner, Barry Percy-Smith - The British Journal of Social Work,

This article considers the application of Communities of Practice theory to understand transition into, through and out of care, arguing that a sense of belonging and identity emerges from participation in supportive communities. The authors consider the influence of community on looked after children and care leavers’ sense of identity, engagement and well-being in transition.

Claire Fitzpatrick, Katie Hunter, Jo Staines & Julie Shaw,

This targeted literature review seeks to explore how to disrupt the routes between care and custody for girls and women, examining the over-representation of care experienced individuals in criminal justice settings.

Olivia Lind Haldorsson - Council of the Baltic Sea States,

The Promise evaluation and impact assessment templates in this resource provide inspiration and examples for both evaluation and impact assessment of the Barnahus model's performance.

Charles H. Zeanah - Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry,

The purpose of this presentation is to summarize findings from the Bucharest Early Intervention Project (BEIP) - the only randomized, controlled trial of foster care (FC) as an alternative to institutional care ever conducted - regarding psychopathology and competence through age 12 years.

Ignasi Navarro-Soria, Mateu Servera, G. Leonard Burns - Journal of Child and Family Studies,

The objective of this study was to determine if Spanish foster care children and Spanish non-foster children differ on sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT), ADHD-inattention (IN), ADHD-hyperactivity/impulsivity (HI), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), limited prosocial emotions (LPE), anxiety, depression, social and academic impairment measures and if the duration of foster care predicts a reduction in symptom and impairment differences between foster and non-foster care children.

Judith S. Lewis - Washington Post,

In this article for the Washington Post, Judith S. Lewis discusses the findings from several studies on separated children in the UK after World War II in relation to the family separation of migrant families in the US today.

Carmen Pinto - Adoption & Fostering,

This article presents a case study of a 15-year-old boy whose severe difficulties were understood and formulated in terms of ‘attachment problems’ for many years.