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Burcu Akan Ellis - Genealogy,

This study explores the recent adaptation of foster care (Koruyucu Aile) in Turkey.


UNICEF is seeking a consultant to provide technical support to the Timor-Leste Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion through the Child Protection Officers, for emergency preparedness and response in the COVID 19 pandemic for children living in institutional care, primarily related to case management and registration process.

Helen Davidson - The Guardian,

"Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, has responded to concerns that young children are being separated from their parents in quarantine centres as the city seeks to control its latest Covid-19 outbreak," says this article from the Guardian.

Family Care First,

ស្របពេលដែលកើតមានឡើងនូវការឆ្លងរីករាលដាលនៃជំងឺកូវីដ-១៩ក្នុងសហគមន៍ ហើយសាលារៀន ត្រូវបានបិទទ្វារសារជាថ្មីនៅតាមបណ្តារាជធានីខេត្តផ្សេងៗនៅទូទាំងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា កុមារភាគច្រើនត្រូវនៅឃ្លាតឆ្ងាយពីមិត្តភក្តិម្តងទៀត និងមិនអាចរីករាយជាមួយសកម្មភាពដែលពួកគេធ្លាប់មាន។ នេះគឺជាវីដេអូខ្លីមួយដែលអប់រំអំពីគន្លឹះសំខាន់ៗចំនួនប្រាំ ដើម្បីលើកកម្ពស់សុខុមាលភាពផ្លូវចិត្តរបស់កុមារ នៅក្នុងពេលវេលាដ៏លំបាកមួយនេះ! សូមទស្សនា និងចែករំលែកបន្តទៅកាន់អ្នកដែលអ្នកគិតថា ពួកគេកំពុងត្រូវការចំណេះដឹងទាំងនេះ។ សូមរក្សាសុវត្ថិភាពរបស់ខ្លួនឱ្យបានខ្ជាប់ខ្ជួនគ្រប់ពេលវេលា!

Saroj Pathirana - BBC News,

"Thousands of Sri Lankan babies were put up for adoption between the 1960s and 1980s - some of them sold by "baby farms" to prospective parents across Europe," according to this article from BBC News.


UNICEF in Vientiane, Lao PDR is looking for an Individual Consultancy to Finalize the Development of the Alternative Care Guidelines in Lao PDR and the Government Training Modules. 

Tien Sy Pham, Haiying Qi, Dingxuan Chen, Huilin Chen, Fang Fan - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The authors of this study investigated the prevalence rates of childhood trauma, depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms and suicidal behaviors among Vietnamese adolescents and compared the differences between institutionalized adolescents (IAs) and noninstitutionalized adolescents (NIAs). In addition, they examined the multidimensional associations between childhood trauma and psychopathology among IAs.

Sai Kiran Pasupula, Madhavi Kodali, Therissa Benerji, Krishna Mohan Parvathaneni - Archives of Mental Health,

The aim of this article was to study and compare the depression and behavioral problems among children residing at welfare hostels and orphanages.

Rachna Mishra and Vanita Sondhi - Children and Youth Services Review,

This grounded theory study aimed to theorize pathways through which orphaned adolescents within institutional care navigate to achieve positive adaptation.

Miracle Foundation India,

This is the summary report for a pilot project spearheaded by Miracle Foundation India with its two partner organizations which were two Children's Care Institutions (CCIs) in the Indore District in central India. The goal of the pilot was to ‘create a replicable modal for other CCIs to effectively implement family based and alternative care through systemic change by engaging multiple stakeholders’.