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Victor Cebotari, Melissa Siegel, Valentina Mazzucato - Comparative Migration Studies,

This study uses nationally representative data collected in 2011–2012 in Moldova (N = 1601) and Georgia (N = 1193) to investigate how children’s health associates with five transnational characteristics: migrant and return-migrant household types, parental migration and parental divorce, maternal and/or paternal migration and caregiver’s identity, the duration of migration, and remittances.

Marjan Mohammadzadeh PhD, Hamidin Awang MD, Suriani Ismail PhD, Hayati Kadir Shahar PhD - Asia-Pacific Psychiatry,

This study aimed to assess both the prevalence of stress and the coping mechanisms as well as identify the predictors of stress levels among adolescents in Malaysian orphanages.

Koji Tanoue, et al - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study aimed to investigate the penetration rate of child protection teams (CPTs) in medical institutions and associations between CPT functions and hospital services.

Ellalyn De Vera-Ruiz - The Manila Bulletin,

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) of the Philippines has issued a warning regarding the use of false social media accounts to advertise illegal adoptions in the country, according to this article from the Manila Bulletin. 

Christopher Knaus and Kate Lamb - The Guardian,

According to this article from the Guardian, a group of former employees at an orphanage in Bali, Indonesia have issued a detailed complaint about the exploitative activities of the orphanage to Save the Children, who have passed it on to Indonesian authorities.

Ren Shichen - CNN,

For over three years, a photographer traveled throughout rural China capturing portraits of China's "left-behind" children, whose parents have left them in the care of relatives as they go to work in the cities.

Tom Adams -,

Eighteen Korean-born adult adoptees in the United States plan to travel to South Korea during the Winter Olympics to meet with lawmakers about reforming adoption laws in the country, according to this article from 

Nino Mindiashvili - European Scientific Journal,

This article aims to international adoption in Georgia. It is intended as a source of ideas for professionals or authority involved in adoption.


This article announces Friends International's launch of the ChildSafe Movement in Bali, Indonesia in collaboration with a tour operator, Buffalo Tours.

Chloë Finet, Harriet J. Vermeer, Femmie Juffer, Guy Bosmans - Children and Youth Services Review,

In the current study the authors examined associations between children's pre-adoption experiences (type of pre-adoption care and early deprivation) and their adaptive and maladaptive behavioral adjustment.