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Emma Galvin, Renee O’Donnell, Rachel Breman, Julie Avery, Aya Mousa, Nick Halfpenny & Helen Skouteris - Australian Social Work ,

A systematic review was conducted to examine the effectiveness of interventions and practice models for improving health and psychosocial outcomes of young people in residential care and to identify relevant knowledge gaps.

Wendy Hermeston - Crikey,

This article reports on how "Aboriginal children are still being removed from their families and culture at disproportionately high rates."

Ching-Hsuan Lin, Yu-Wen Chen, Chin-Wan Wang, Amy Conley Wright, Margaret Spencer, Sonja Van Wichelen - International Social Work,

This study explores issues on post-adoption services in intercountry adoptions based on the perspectives of adoption professionals from Taiwan and Australia.

Christina Fernandes, Barbara Blundell, Rebecca J. Moran, Jessica M. Gilbert, Mark Liddiard - Child & Family Social Work,

Drawing on a mixed method study of grandparent carers and service providers located in Western Australia, the authors of this article argue that there are important issues of inequity and injustice associated with being a grandcarer, in particular due to systemic and discursive failures to recognize the complexity and challenges of care provision.

Jenna Bolinger, Philip Mendes, Catherine Flynn ,

Stability in residential care has, to date, been operationalised by fundamentally counting placements and equating these with varying levels of stability. In so doing, it has been found that having many placements (i.e., indicative of instability) is associated with diverse problematic outcomes including increased criminalisation, increased mental health difficulties and ongoing placement instability. On the other hand, however, stability has not been found to provide repair. This paper examines staff’s roles and needs required for providing stability.

Rebecca Nhep, Better Care Network; Dr Kate van Doore, Law Futures Centre & Griffith Law School,

This study explores the effect of COVID-19 on a small number of privately run and funded residential care institutions by conducting a qualitative research study comprising 21 semi-structured interviews across seven focus countries.

Family for Every Child,

In this How We Care series webinar, Family for Every Child presented the programming of three CSOs on how they are supporting kin carers and the vulnerable children in their care, in their respective regions.

Meredith Kiraly and Margaret Kertesz - Child & Family Social Work,

An Australian research project explored the experience and support needs of young kinship carers and children in their care through analysis of census data and in‐depth interviews with young kinship carers and children/young people. This article describes the views of 16 young people.

Nicola Atwool - Child & Family Social Work,

For this article, a review of what is currently known about intensive intervention with families where there is risk of a child removal was undertaken to explore the challenges that might arise in New Zealand's bi‐ and multi‐cultural environment.


"New Zealand’s Catholic Church formally apologised on Friday to the survivors of abuse within the church and said its systems and culture must change," says this article from Reuters.