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Adoptions Australia 2019–20, the 30th report in the series, covers the latest data on adoptions of Australia children and children from overseas, and highlights important trends in the number of adoptions dating back to 1995–96.

Lisa Stafford, Jo-anne Harkin, Annie Rolfe, Judith Burton, Christine Morley - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This article presents children’s own meanings and experiences of having a voice, derived from a research collaboration between UnitingCare and Queensland University of Technology.

Jennifer Stoddart, Amy Conley Wright, Margaret Spencer, Sonja van Wichelen - Adoption & Fostering,

This study uses a constructivist approach to analyse narrative interviews with a sample of Taiwanese intercountry adoptees in Australia ranging in age from early to middle adulthood.

Sophie Meixner - ABC News,

This article from ABC News explores the disproportionate representation of Indigenous children and young people in Victoria's residential care facilities.

Geary - International Journal of Integrated Care,

This article evaluates a pilot project in 2016 aiming to improve health care access for children in out-of-home care (OOHC) in Victoria, Australia and identifies significant systems issues.

Caroline Winter - ABC Radio News,

This brief radio segment from ABC Radio News describes a promising program to reunite children and their parents that will be implemented in South Australia.

Eden Gillespie - SBS News,

"Allysha was informally adopted from The Philippines when she was born," says this article from SBS News. "Now, at 12 years of age, she risks deportation when her student visa expires next month."

Frank Golding, Antonina Lewis, Sue McKemmish, Gregory Rolan & Kirsten Thorpe - The International Journal of Human Rights,

This paper introduces the Charter of Lifelong Rights in Childhood Recordkeeping in Out-of-Home Care, centred on the critical, lifelong and diverse information and recordkeeping needs of Australian and Indigenous Australian children and adults who are experiencing, or have experienced Out-of-Home Care.

Hannah Miller, Roseanna Bourke & Vijaya Dharan - International Journal of Inclusive Education ,

This paper presents the findings from an in-depth study exploring the educational experiences and self-determined educational successes of young people who spent time in foster care in New Zealand.

Gemma McKibbin, Anna Bornemisza, Ana Fried, Cathy Humphreys, Madelaine Smales - Child & Family Social Work,

This paper explores the impact of the Power to Kids: Respecting Sexual Safety programme, which involved capacity‐building workers to have ‘brave conversations’ with children and young people in residential care.