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Mia Gowan, Nicole Peel, Emma Elcombe, Stacy Blythe,

This study contributes to emerging research on the self-care practices of foster carers in Australia and worldwide.

Philip Mendes, Eswen Chaffey,

This article presents a scoping review of research studies completed on the mental health care needs and outcomes of care leavers in Australia from 2015 to 2021.

Nathanael J. Okpych, Sunggeun (Ethan) Park, Jenna Powers, Justin S. Harty, Mark E. Courtney,

This U.S.-based study explores how common enduring relationships are among youth making the transition out of care and whether having an enduring relationship improves their outcomes in early adulthood.


So far in 2023, an estimated 11,600 children made the dangerous crossing. The majority were alone or separated from their parents.

Paola Cardinali, Fabiola Bizzi, Laura Migliorini,

This study aimed to investigate relational outcomes of Italian emancipated foster youth across open-ended reflections about their perceptions of their relationships with the biological and foster family, with partner and peers.

Claudia Marconi, Júlia Lira,

This article discusses the practices and policies undertaken by Russia in the War in Ukraine regarding the forcible transfer of Ukrainian children to Russia and suggests some possible meanings of these actions that purposefully make Ukrainian children vulnerable.

European Disability Forum,

During April and May 2023, the Ukrainian Ministry of Social Policy joined forces with a broad range of civil society actors to facilitate five days of learning and intensive strategic planning on deinstitutionalization. This document presents the key findings and recommendations from those five days of exchange of ideas and strategic planning. It is hoped that these recommendations will inform the government’s strategic planning process, as well as providing insight for donors to inform their priorities.

Georgetown University’s Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues in coordination with Razom for Ukraine, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, and Where Are Our People?,

During this webinar, participants will examine the current situation, provide historical context, and discuss the response. Ukrainian organizations engaged in the frontline response will share their perspectives, and participants will consider how the international community can support family tracing and reunification.

PBS News Hour,

GENOA, Neb. (AP) — Archeologists resumed digging Tuesday at the remote site of a former Native American boarding school in central Nebraska, searching for the remains of children who died there decades ago.

Claire Fitzpatrick, Katie Hunter, Julie Shaw, Jo Staines,

This paper explores how criminalisation, care experience and motherhood may intersect to produce multi-faceted structural disadvantage within both systems of care and punishment in England.