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Human Rights Watch,

This Human Rights Watch report documents risks to children from institutions in areas directly affected by the conflict as well as those evacuated to other areas of Ukraine or to European countries.

Sanchia Berg, Katie Inman - BBC News,

Roma community workers in Bradford say there has been a rise in the number of Roma children subject to care proceedings, but they may not be visible in official data, because parents fear discrimination if they identify themselves as Roma or Gypsy.

Child Identity Protection (CHIP),

Deneisha Moss, Programme Lead for Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion Children’s Programme at CHIP explains the importance of protection the identity rights of children.

European Commission,

This Communication takes stock of the Temporary Protection Directive implemented on 4 March 2022 over the course of one year. It provides insight into how the EU managed to enable and coordinate a response to the largest displacement on European soil since the Second World War.

Coram Voice,

This webinar examines the Bright Spots programme findings in relation to careleavers 'interdependence'.

Interagency Statement,

Принудительное перемещение, депортация и усыновление детей из Украины, призводящее к окончательному разлучению детей с их семьями, сообществами  и культурой, является явным нарушением их прав человека и международного гуманитарного права и предста

Interagency Statement,

Примусове переміщення, депортація та усиновлення дітей з України, що призвело до остаточн

Interagency Statement,

This interagency document is open to endorsement by organizations, networks and agencies and we hope that you will consider adding your name to it and use it in your work and advocacy on behalf of children’s rights in Ukraine.

Family for Every Child,

Family for Every Child is seeking a Programme Officer with a focus on advocacy. This role is key to helping Family for Every Child build and strengthen its advocacy programme. Among other things, this role also involves strengthening local civil society organisation leadership, and helping to develop and maintain a national programme within the US.


Alexander is one of many Ukrainian teenagers who fled to Moldova unaccompanied. Thanks to the partnership between border police, child protection specialists working with UNICEF and local authorities, he was identified and integrated into a foster family from Causeni. Since the onset of the conflict, one of UNICEF's biggest priorities has been to protect children from abuse or trafficking.